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Services range

I am offering general construction and renovation services in full range. I do complex house and flats renovations, starting from very basic works such as disassemble or demolition, ending with walls painting and assembling decoration accessories. I also do a wide range of uncommon services. Beside laying panels or doing the filling I can also make a hole in the wall or do other uncommon construction modifications. 


I can do a complex kitchen renovation. Services range in terms of kitchens contains: 

  • painting walls, ceilings

  • floor replacement

  • cabinets assemblement

  • worktop assemblement

  • uncommon building assemblement (eg. hiding sewage pipes)

  • podłączenie urządzeń elektrycznych

  • podłączenie armatury


I am offering complex bathroom renovations. My services range contains:

  • painting walls and ceilings

  • tiling

  • replacement and assemblement of shower cabins and bath tubs

  • replacement and assemblement of bathroom fittings

  • replacement and assemblement of bathroom furniture

  • mirror installation


I do any room renovations, and services range contains:

  • plastering repairs

  • wall filling

  • painting

  • suspended ceiling assemblement

  • partition walls construction (Ytong, drywall construction)

  • replacement and assemblement of flooring

  • furniture assemblement


​Services range in terms of flooring is very wide. It contains:

  • floor preparing (flooring, thermal isolation)

  • stacking panels, parquet, tiles

  • scraping, parquet varnishing

  • assembling traditional flooring (plank)


I can assemble fences out of ready-to-use materials. Fences that I am assembling are for example:

  • system fence

  • clinker fence

  • stone slate fence

  • standstone fence


Terraces are made based on pre-done projects or after consultation with client. I can do any construction, with any material and shape.

Verandas are assembled after consulting with client with ready-to-use materials. 

Other services

Apart from services listed above, I also have experience in unusual works such as:

  • raw states

  • strengthening the walls

  • making new holes in walls

  • tombstone framing

  • driveways

  • pavement

  • indoor and outdoor stairs

  • flowerbed framing

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